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Joel Thomas WI

Hi I am Joel Thomas and I create strategic partnerships that increase financial capability & reduce stress for youth & their families in WI.

Founder of The Financial Resiliency Foundation

WI Governor's Council on Financial Literacy Award Winner

Joel Thomas leverages his diverse experience as a world traveler, banker, and international educator across K12-university levels to bring families together in fun, meaningful, and measurable ways through experiential financial literacy games and hands on lesson plans. Over the past year Joel lead an award winning financial literacy campaign that created opportunities for 2,000 students to gain access to 21st century financial education. Continuing to reach more students and families through interdisciplinary lesson plans and by teaching children to teach, he is striving to increase financial literacy and leadership skills for youth across America. Bringing over 100 families together with the Financial Literacy Treasure Hunt and turning libraries, churches, and schools across Wisconsin into a game over the past year, he strives to make math fun, make money make sense, and bring families closer together to build critical life skills.  

He is looking forward to expanding his work around financial literacy through creating strategic partnerships that assist K12 schools, universities, and families who care about increasing financial capability, reducing financial stress, and increasing social mobility while providing meaningful, measurable, and award winning results. Through partnerships with schools, financial institutions, and organizations like yours we can strengthen the financial resiliency amongst families at home, students in the classroom, and build smarter communities across the US. 

Joel Thomas WI's Background

Joel Thomas WI's Experience

President at Financial Resiliency Foundation

January 2012 - Present |

Providing 21st century financial literacy programs to schools, presenting innovative blending learning opportunities for educators at conferences, designing and facilitating research and curriculum evaluation.

Joel Thomas WI's Interests & Activities

Financial literacy, connecting people, financial capability, financial security, social mobility, teaching, research, economic development, flipped classroom, authentic learning, online and offline gamification, interdisciplinary studies, social memory, photography, traveling, snowboarding, mentoring, history, philosophy, behavioral economics, spoken word

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